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Behavioral Aspects of Sunscreen Use

August 2015

Brian Diffey
For over 60 years, an increasing number of white people have used sunscreens, principally in North America, Europe and Australia. Sunscreen use has also become common among non-white populations such as in Japan. Whilst the primary purpose of sunscreen is to reduce the amount of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the epidermis, the underlying reasons that people use them include reducing the ...

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A risk management approach to sun exposure

June 2015

Brian Diffey
There is adequate evidence that exposure to solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a major aetiological factor in human skin cancer but managing the risk of skin cancer does not necessarily mean avoiding exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. For example, a walker who spends the day hiking across the hills on a summer’s day is choosing not to minimize personal risk of skin cancer, but rather to face ...

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Dermal absorption of hazardous compounds – A challenge for the ...

May 2015

Michael Bader, Axel Schlieter
Apart from inhalation, dermal absorption is one major route of exposure to hazardous compounds in the work area. More than a third of all chemicals regulated in Germany by limit values in air are designated ‘H’ substances, an assignment equivalent to the more commonly used terminus ‘skin notation’. In these cases, dermal absorption may result in the uptake of a toxicologically relevant dose under ...

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