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Natural & organic cosmetics – consumer insights and innovation

March 2015

Imogen Matthews
Renewed launch activity and consumer interest in natural and organic cosmetics suggests that the category is in good shape after a long period of uncertainty due to the economic downturn. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the ingredients in their cosmetics and searching for natural alternatives to traditional mainstream formulations.

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The Easy Way to Make a Sunscreen

January 2015

Uli Osterwalder, Stéphanie Acker, Matthias Hloucha
This article presents easy ways to develop sun care formulations with the best UV filters and key ingredients while using innovative tools to develop innovative products that meet the latest regulatory requirements as well as consumer wishes.

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Bodycare: adding SPFs and new technologies

September 2014

Imogen Matthews
Bodycare has always been the less glamorous, younger sister of facial skincare, which receives all the attention as far as cosmetic scientists are concerned. Hidden away in clothes for most the year, the body tends to be ignored and neglected until the sun’s rays warm up and women wake up to the need for proper protection.

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