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Geriatric Dermatology

June 2014

Christos C. Zouboulis, Eugenia Makrantonaki
The incidence of age-associated skin diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide mainly due to early or lifelong overexposure to ultraviolet light and to an increasing aged population. In order to transform this demographic change into a better understanding of the pathomechanisms of these diseases, an early diagnosis and therapy are essential steps. In addition, a joint effort to raise public awareness, ...

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Male skin care in the U.S. market

June 2014

Zoe Diana Draelos
Male skin care is an interesting market because most male directed products are currently purchased by females. This is in contrast to the female skin care market where most women select products for their own use. This means that male skin care products must be effective and appropriately designed for male skin, but appeal to the female purchaser with marketing, packaging, and aesthetics.

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Effect pigments: fascinating new looks for personal care

June 2014

Esther Prat, Marc Beuché, Cecile Marquis et al.
Effect pigments are nowadays widely used in colour care applications, as they provide a touch of lustre and sparkle in make-up products. However, they can also give additional performance benefits in other personal care products such as skin care and body cleansing products, and enable the creation of modern beauty care products with fascinating new looks.

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